Reitkurs mit Manolo Mendez

Fr. 11.10.19 - So. 13.10.19
Manolo Mendez

Pferdehof Steinegg
Pferdehof Steinegg
8536 Hüttwilen (Schweiz)


Manolo’s Training Philosophy

„My style of training emphasizes a soft, swinging back, making sure all the joints in the body including the hindquarters are moving freely and evenly, and making sure I have even diagonals in all paces. I will ask for this before I ask the horse to seek the bit. It is a conscious decision rather than a training error on my part.

I encourage the horse to distribute his weight evenly over his four feet, and to become a partner. In the early stages of training, I encourage him to be free with his head and neck, to keep the poll supple and the throatlatch soft and open, and to travel with his eye level with a point between the stifle and the hip depending on his conformation so his muscles build from strength to strength. I do not ride purposefully behind the vertical nor do I shorten or stack the neck. The horse learns to relax through the poll and jaw and to carry himself and me with ease. I use this early work to develop straightness, balance, rhythm, flexion and regularity in all paces – a crucial basic foundation. Along with riding, I use in-hand to encourage the horse to use its entire body.

The goal of my training approach is to help the horse reach his potential with his full and willing cooperation and without pushing him beyond his mental and physical abilities.“

Zuschauer sind willkommen. Manolo Mendez erklärt gerne und ausführlich seine Arbeit. Bitte melden Sie sich frühzeitig an!


Felix Perret

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