Internationaler Workshop: Classical Dressage mit Anja Beran

Mo. 17.7.17 - Sa. 22.7.17 nur noch Zuschauerplätze
Anja Beran

Gut Rosenhof
Rudratsried 7
87651 Bidingen (Bayern)

Dressur, Klassische Dressur

Der vom 17.Juli – 22. Juli 2017 stattfindende Workshop wird in englischer Sprache angeboten:

Get the Spirit!

In the week of 17th July – 22rd July 2017 Anja Beran will be offering an intensive insight into Classical Dressage at Gut Rosenhof. Everyday, together with her riders, she will demonstrate and comment on the work with different horses, from breaking-in to high school movements. Course participants will have the opportunity to ask questions after each horse.

The entire event will take place in English.

One day of the week will be free (19. July 2016) for guests to organise their own activities. Possibilities include a trip to the famous Neuschwanstein Castle in Füssen (approx. 30 minutes by car) or an outing to Munich (approx. 70 minutes by car)

For further information and prices, please contact: anjaberan(at)


Anja Beran

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Dressurlehrgang, Reitunterricht mit Christine Schmiedel in 76473 Iffezheim
  • Sa. 20.7.24 - So. 21.7.24

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